Members of our fellowship have produced a number of significant resources.

“The Holy One of Israel and His Chosen People”, by Sam Clarke

Sam gives succinct answers to the many questions there are about the people of Israel, their chosenness, their exile, their persecution, their rebirth and the Biblical relationship between Israel and the Church. Study Guide included.

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“Let The Lion Roar”, written and narrated by Derek Frank

A 65 minute docu-drama which traces the origins of Replacement Theology from the beginning of Church history, and the consequences it has had to this day.

Accompanied by the book ‘Escaping The Great Deception’, co-written with his wife Françoise, they show the continuing place of Israel in God’s purposes, and how the Church needs to recover its Jewish roots if it is to fulfill its calling in the end-times.

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“A Letter from Jesus on Healing” Gift Set by Allison Pearson

A powerful letter on CD that reveals God’s unconditional love and grace for healing and gives practical application and instructions on how to receive healing and keep it.

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“AntiChrist Coming Soon in 3D” and “Planet Earth’s Last Mysteries” by John A. Lee

Signs, evidence and prophecy that help explain current events, and provide insights into our fast changing and challenging world.

Available from AMI, PO Box 3083, Brentwood, TN 37024, USA

“BETROTHED”, “Charlotte Lives!” and “Simplicity-Stories of His Love” by Lucy Karen Clay

Writing for the Simplicity Project, Lucy’s books promote its advocacy and awareness for those who are vulnerable. Its aim is that they may find God as their Healer and the true source of Strength and Peace. Choice to LIVE!

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